JavaScript Game

PRESS PLAY! Brought to life by the Phaser 3 game engine and alot of JavaScript and love. Once you dive in, you’ll find yourself in control of a plane armed and ready to take on fast moving blobs as you increase your high score. This game seamlessly adapts to various devices, whether you’re playing on a desktop monitor or a mobile screen. 

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HPE Server Configuration and Updates

When setting up a used HPE server, the first thing you do is create an iLO connection so that you can start updates on firmware and drivers that have not received security patches or fixes in years. iLO is like a mini computer within the server that is always on and has remote management and diagnostic tools. On startup press f8 to open up iLO 4 settings and select “Set to Default” to reset everything to factory settings. Then you connect to iLO by putting its IP address into a browser window on another device within the network and use the password on the toe tag of the server. Use iLO to update firmware and drivers by remotely placing in .bin files in the “Firmware” tab (with proper licensing you can use SPP instead). After that I remotely configured Raid 1 and set up Ubuntu Server to run a Samba server so that I have my own personal cloud.

Active Directory Windows Server

For the purpose of simulating device management in an office environment, I established a Windows Active Directory Server. This server was configured within a virtual machine, seamlessly integrated with other virtual machines, all within the same network and domain.

Within this domain environment, I streamlined the process of adding thousands of users to our Active Directory system. Using a script named user_creating_script.ps1, it automatically generates and integrates 1000 users from a userlist.csv file, assigning them to the proper security groups among other things. This ensures that anyone added to our Active Directory can access all office computers within our network with their account.

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Command Log File Parser

Running a game server is fun, but can become tedious when handling repetitive administrative tasks. Instead of the 10 minute task of: SSH’ing into instance, turning off the server, moving many files around, generating specific maps, starting server, I created a python and bash script that can do that all in 5 seconds. This resulted in less server downtime and a better user experience.

Initially, I created a Python script that monitors in-game messages written to the log file. Using Regex, the script identifies if a message was written by an admin, and if it contains a command. Upon detecting an admin command, the script triggers a Bash script that replaces and loads another map with specific configurations, effectively stopping and restarting the server all within the span of 5 seconds. Additionally, a revert command is in place, allowing users to undo the previous action and return to the last map. This implementation ensures a more enjoyable experience for all server users.

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CSV Data Team Assignment Tool

For a Royal Clan tournament we hosted, 75 players of many skill levels signed up on a google form placing their in game name and two different types of ranks. It was important to assign teams by comparing the two different types of ranks and aggregating them to split the players into balanced teams.

First the data must be imported from the google doc as a CSV file. Since users sometimes input data wrong, the data had to be standardized with Regex in a Python script. Then, we decided that one type of rank should take priority over the other, and from there I made code that listed all the participants by skill. From there I created another Python script that goes over the participants and places them by rank into teams of 3. The work I had created played a valuable role within our team in ensuring a fair and enjoyable tournament experience for both participants and spectators.

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Welcome to my personal website, a labor of passion where I’ve poured my creativity into every CSS design element, HTML content structure, and WordPress widget. This site also hosts my Phaser game, and it’s a result of many hours of work, including domain name acquisition and hosting. I appreciate your visit and hope you’ve enjoyed exploring my digital portfolio. Thank you for stopping by! If you’d like to learn more, please feel free to check out my LinkedIn and GitHub profiles below.

Check code on GitHub!