Personal Projects

Work Experience and Education

Server Technician at Cloud Ninjas
July 2023 – Present

Assembled new and used HPE, Dell, and Supermicro servers with proper parts and BIOS configurations never missing a QA test. Tested and refurbished server equipment for customers meeting deadlines through teamwork and communication. Diagnosed problems in motherboards, RAM, and drives to determine if either scrapping or fixing would be most cost effective. Wrote technical scripts for Cloud Ninjas YouTube tutorials, rectifying inaccuracies in HPE/Dell technical sheets.

Western Governors University
Dec 2023 – Jan 2025

Bachelors Degree in Computer Science

Enforces my hardware and software troubleshooting, networking, and cyber security knowledge.

Google Crash Course on Python
July 2020

This certificate not only got me comfortable scripting in Python but also had me incorporating bash and pws scripts.

Credential ID: 9773TVGH5LLZ

AWS Solutions Architect Associate

I have read the Architect Associate book as well as created my own EC2 instances. I look forward to finishing this certificate in the near future.